Vilnius Light Rail Transit – Line A

Vilnius Light Rail Transit – Line A

SYSTRA was employed to provide assistance to the contracting authority during the design phase for construction of Line 1 of the Vilnius LRT in Lithuania.

Line A runs from the north to the south of the city, connecting with the bus and trolleybus networks. It will reduce journey times and serve the city’s busiest districts.
It will help alleviate traffic congestion and make it easier to commute between the major residential districts in the north and the business districts and public service buildings in the south.

In September 2001, SYSTRA started work on a 12-month contract to produce a pre-feasibility study for a public transport system.
As a first phase, this study aimed to:

Identify requirements;
Build a long-term plan for a dedicated lane public transport system;
Identify the best solution for the city.
The second phase involved:

Producing technical studies for this dedicated lane system;
Estimating investment costs and ridership;
Defining the most appropriate funding and institutional packages.
SYSTRA also helped to conduct a traffic survey, define a communication policy for the project and present the strategic plan for Vilnius during the public consultation phase.

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